Initiation to Robotics, Arduino & Ardublock, 7+

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This workshop aims beyond awareness, to introduce young people to the principles of robotics, to implement sensors and actuators, to assemble a very simple robot and to program it to make it perform

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This workshop aims beyond awareness, to introduce young people to the principles of robotics, to implement sensors and actuators, to assemble a very simple robot and to program it to make it perform a simple task.

In this workshop, we will make you a genius of ROBOTICS. While exploring the history and future of robots, you will learn, for example, how to build small robotics systems. Especially since a robot is nothing other than a set of mechanical, electronic and programming parts.

You will also see that even without being an expert in these 3 areas, you will quickly understand what happens when a device works thanks to tools specially designed for.

We are therefore going to use ARDUINO, a small electronic card that allows you to build your own robots.

Beyond admiration and consumption, quickly become an actor in the world of Robotics.



  • Genius at least 7 years old.
  • Have done the Scratch workshop. You can do Scratch and this robotics initiation workshop in parallel.
  • To know how to read.



To practice the activities of this workshop, you must have the Starter robotics kit. This is a robotics starter kit from the Genius Muna kit game. It contains the arduino module, all the sensors and other tools necessary for a good immersion in robotics. It costs 61 € (40,000 Fcfa). You can buy it in our shop



  • Understanding the place and importance of robotics
  • Explain what a robot is
  • Use programming concepts in ARDUINO to program a Robot
  • Build a little robot yourself.


You will carry out various attractive projects among which,

Management of light spots: Three pushbuttons that light up LEDs of equivalent color
Sound management: 5 push buttons that trigger words and sounds depending on the button you press
Servo motor management: Servo motor moves according to the keys on the keyboard
Traffic light management: 3 Orange, yellow and green LEDs which switch after a time
Dark detector street light: Light sensor that triggers an LED
Stop covid: Robot that controls the servo motors according to the ultrasound distance
Smart home: Doors, lights that turn on and off by themselves





    • ==> Course duration: 4 months
    • ==> Hourly volume: 60h
    • ==> Number of sessions per week: 2 times per week (During classes, 5 times per week during holidays
    • ==> Number of hours per session: 2h


Mr Abou KOUOTOU graduated as an Engineer in Mechatronics at the age of 20. He immediately became passionate about the educational world and enrolled in the Ecole Normal Supérieur de l’Enseignement Technique (ENSET), where he obtained his Diploma as a High School Teacher in Technical Education. Now 25 years old, he lives his passion and shares it with the youngest.



The mentor is available [Mondays, Wednesdays 4 pm – 6 pm and Saturdays 10 am – 12 pm then 2 pm 4 pm]. He provides the necessary support to all Geniuses registered for this workshop. Chats and video calls are regularly organized to recreate the atmosphere of a workshop room. The contents of this workshop have been developed for greater learner autonomy. The lessons are very fun and interactive. Throughout the workshop, the Genius has challenges and battles (in other words homework) that he sends to the Mentor. The mentor corrects, comments and assigns a grade to the Genius. The evolution of Genius is conditioned by obtaining a certain score at each stage.


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